Student Parking Permit Request

To apply for a Student Parking Permit, click HERE

ALL students must comply with current driver’s license laws, including those, which limit carrying passengers. Failure to do so may result in loss of parking privileges. The campus speed limit is posted at 5 miles per hour. All vehicles should be parked head in and within the marked spaces.
Students are expected to drive safely at all times. 
Vehicles are not to be driven from the lot unless the student has completed his or her school day or have a valid off-campus permit. All cars should be parked in the student parking lot and locked. Students who park in the staff lot or in a location not approved for vehicle parking are subject to parking tickets issued by the Baldwin Park Police Department. Students who violate safety regulations will not be permitted to have vehicles in the school parking lot. A parking permit does not guarantee a parking space but grant permission to park if space is available. The school is not responsible for articles stolen from or damage done to automobiles, which are not parked in the school lot.
In order to obtain a Parking Permit, you must be on track to graduate and able to present: 
  • Valid California Driver's License (or Learner's Permit)
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Proof of car insurance

A BPHS parking permit must be hung from the rear view mirror or displayed on the rear view mirror whenever parking at Baldwin Park High School. Vehicles parking illegally and those that are not displaying parking permits will be given tickets by the Baldwin Park School Police Department. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the permit is visible from the front of the vehicle at all times. Parking Permits may only be used by the student issued to. Permits may not be given or loaned to other students. Anyone who gives or loans a permit is subject to disciplinary action.