Physical Education Department


PE classes do not apply to the A-G College course requirements.

The Physical Education program is designed to promote fitness through activity, and develop healthy mental/social attitudes. It also provides students with the ability to perform many physical activities which are useful throughout a lifetime.

PHYSICAL ED. MPD (Marching Band)
This is a one-semester PE course held after school. The Marching Band is a physically active instrumental music group. It performs in competitions, parades, rallies, football games, etc. This group is open to all members of the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble. Particular importance is given to aspects leadership, teamwork, self discipline, motivation and attention to detail. This group has a full schedule during the first semester and all scheduled events are mandatory.

This course is designed to help students reach fitness goals. This course teaches students weightlifting techniques and concepts used to obtain optimal physical fitness. Students will benefit from the weight training and cardio-respiratory endurance activities. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of weight, strength and aerobic training and overall fitness training and conditioning.


This course is designed to help students reach fitness goals in order to pass the physical fitness test. This course teaches aerobic dance routines and techniques used for achieving optimal physical fitness. Students will benefit from comprehensive weight training, cardio-respiratory endurance and circuit training activities. Students will learn the stages of aerobic exercise: warm up, vigorous physical activity and cool down.

This course teaches students to learn and perform basic swimming skills including stroke evelopment, water safety skills and basic CPR fundamentals. Students will improve their swimming skills and advance in levels as outlined by the American Red Cross’s aquatic standards.

trains students to assist a physician, work in a laboratory or medical office. Students learn medical and surgical asepsis; assisting the physician with physical examination of the patient and minor surgical procedures; electrocardiography; This course is offered at the last period of the day for students participating on team sports. It is designed to offer opportunities for student athletes who desire a superior level of skill, development, and competition in nterscholastic sports. Teams are organized to ensure the opportunity for all levels of competition. The High School will field teams in numerous CIF approved sports.

This class prepares and trains the students for the high school drill team/dance/cheer team. This class will focus on flexibility, strength and performance abilities. Students will learn basic and fundamental dance steps including leaps, turns, splits and kicks. Auditions are required for this class.

Health education course encompasses the eight comprehensive health strands and focuses on the application and mastery of developing health-enhancing skills. Health instruction is addressed in a way that allows students to obtain, interpret, and apply basic health information to their daily lives.