The Guided Studies Class is a part of the BPHS School Wide Intervention Program. It is

designed to provide support for students by helping develop the habits necessary for

students to achieve in school, to be on track for graduation and set educational / or career

goals beyond high school. The emphasis will be placed on recognition of students’ strengths,

successes, growth as well as their personal assets. Time will be spent building the assets

students will need for school success, developing effective strategies to deal with personal

challenges and setting goals for the future. Instructional time will be focused on developing

students’ organizational and study skills, including maintenance of a three-ring binder.

Students will learn strategies for effective functioning in their academic course, with emphasis

on core subjects (like Math and Science).



All students have a 30 minute intervention/enrichment support period in their schedule.

This class period is intended to offer students time and resources to improve academic

achievement. There are three options: tutorial, activity, or study hall. There is a hall pass

system in place for students to visit other teachers as needed, such as for drop in support or

to make up a test.

➞ Tutorials are designed to assist students who need additional help in select content areas.

These tutorials feature small class sizes (25 or less) and students are assigned by request or

teacher/administration recommendation.

➞ Activities are designed to provide an enriching experience for students who have earned

the opportunity to participate in these activities based on their academic achievement. They

are open to students who have no Ds or Fs in any classes for the prior grading period and

may have up to 36 students.

➞ Silent Study & Read (SSR) is an opportunity for students to work quietly on a productive

task of their choosing, work on assignments, or study for their courses. This time is built into

the school day and intended to support a quiet, productive, and healthy study environment.

SSR sections are capped at 25 students. All students not in a Tutorial or Activity are

automatically enrolled in SSR during Tribe Time.