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Vision Statement

Developing lifelong learners who become productive members of society. 


  • 1,200+
    Students Enrolled
  • 25+
    Elective Courses
  • 20+
    Student Clubs
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    Sports Activities
  • Dual Language Program (English and Spanish)
  • Digital and Independent Learning

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Photo Gallery

Student in cap and gown waving at graduation
Volleyball players in a game
Dia de los Muertos event table
Flag football game
Marching band members playing instruments on the football field
Cheerleaders in formation on the field
Cheerleaders gathered around the bell after the crossdown game
Football player waving flag in front of stands
Students in sunglasses on the football field for senior sunrise
Marching band students playing tubas
CSUF field trip

CSUF Junior Field Trip

Culinary students preparing and cutting pastry rolls
Huntington Visit

Huntington Visit


Senior C.A.K.E. Day 2024

Students working on posters outside on the ground
Student carving ceramics creation
Students working on computers in class
Fans cheering in the stands of the football stadium
Cheerleaders and fans at a football game
Student working on a car during auto shop class
Student in cap and gown at graduation
Dia de los Muertos event table

Spring Band Concert 2024

Staff tour of new gym construction

Staff tour of new gym construction

Water polo player
Cheerleaders at a football game
Student proudly displaying 5K winner's trophy for the City 5K run

Senior C.A.K.E. Day 2024 College/Career Acceptance Kickoff Event


Spring Band Concert 2024

CSUF field trip

CSUF Junior Field Trip

Students throwing caps into the air at graduation
Baseball player batting at home plate