Seniors Inspire Elementary Students with Annual Victory Walk

In a heartwarming tradition, hundreds of graduating seniors from Baldwin Park and Sierra Vista High School returned to their roots to participate in a celebratory walk through their elementary schools. Seniors, dressed in their caps and gowns, walked through the familiar corridors to find kindergarten through fifth-grade students lining the hallways with cheerful signs, eagerly awaiting their arrival. 

Younger students gave high fives, hugs, and words of encouragement to the graduating class. Teachers, many of whom had taught these seniors years ago, beamed with pride as they watched their former students walk by. Some students gathered to play basketball with students or spent extra time to exchange uplifting advice.

"It's such a special event for our community," said Laura Rodriguez, Principal at Tracy Elementary School. "Seeing our former students in their cap and gown is incredibly inspiring for our current students.

The victory walk not only celebrated the achievements of the seniors but also served as a powerful reminder to the younger students of what they can accomplish. The event has become a beloved tradition that strengthens the bonds within the Baldwin Park Unified school community, leaving everyone looking forward to next year's walk.


2024_SVGrad1: Sierra Vista High School student hugs a group of Tracy Elementary students. 

2024_SVGrad2: Sierra Vista High School student is greeted by excited Tracy Elementary students. 

2024_BPGrad3: Baldwin Park High School students pose for a group picture with staff on the Geddes Elementary playground.

2024_BPGrad4: Baldwin Park High School student poses for a photo with a Geddes Elementary student.