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Baldwin Park High School

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Peter Smith » Smith's Home Page

Smith's Home Page

Welcome to my page! This page is a gateway to the different classes I teach
Contact information
Peter Smith
email: [email protected]
phone number:
626-960-5431 ext. 3514


The teacher will:

  1. Create an atmosphere of learning for all students.
  2. Be prepared to guide the students as they work towards understanding the concepts.
  3. Focus time and efforts towards what the students need to know to be successful.
  4. Instruct students in safe procedures for laboratory investigations.
  5. Hold students accountable for their actions.

The students will:

  1. Always be respectful to fellow students, faculty and guests (ex.: no foul language, no threatening or harassing behavior). This also means no talking when others are talking.
  2. Follow directions at all times.
  3. Be on time to class and in turning in assignments.  Be in your seat with your assignment ready when the bell rings.
  4. Food and drink are to remain outside the classroom. Only bottled water is allowed.
  5. ABSOLUTELY NO CHEWING GUM! Chewing gum in class will result in an automatic 1 hour detention.
  6. No doing make-up in class or using body sprays/perfumes. Any mirrors, make-up, make-up cases will be confiscated. These may present allergy issues for others and should be used outside class.
  7. Show up prepared for class with all the necessary materials for the day.
  8. No unauthorized cell phone, iPod, or other electronic use allowed in class.
Office hours:
M-F 3:00-3:30pm
or by appointment