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Craig Peacock


Career Education and Computer Applications


Mr. Peacock

Course Description:

Career Education and Computer Applications is designed to introduce students to word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation and Internet applications. Students will also complete a variety of assessments and activities to successfully plan career goals. In addition, students will learn skills that will help them to achieve academic and occupational success.


This course is a freshman requirement so there are no prerequisites to take the class.

Class Rules:

This class enforces school rules, the Uniform Classroom Rules, and the Computer Classroom Rules. In addition, there is a rule that students are not allowed to get out their seats without permission.


All materials for the class will be provided except:

Pencil/Pen, paper and 3-ring folder


Grading period 1: Keyboarding, Microsoft PowerPoint, Performance test

Grading period 2: Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Career Exploration

Grading period 3: Keyboarding, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and semester culminating project.

Assessment Schedule:

There will be assessment given throughout the course of the semester. However, there will be a keyboarding test at the end of the first grading period and a culminating project at the end of the semester.

Grading Criteria:

Grades are based on points that are earned through assignments and participation. The grade scale is as follows:

90 – 100% = A

80 – 89% = B

70 – 79% = C

60 – 69% = D

0 – 59% = F

Parent Involvement:

Parents are always welcome in my classroom. The best participation for parents would be to provide a computer at home.

Student Instructional Support:

Students are given one on one instruction at times throughout the week. In addition, students are welcome to come to my lab during break, lunch and before school for help.

Office Hours: By Appointment only



Craig Peacock

Course Description and Philosophy:

Virtual Enterprise is a one to two year business course. Students must either have taken the first year course or have successfully completed Advanced Computer Applications. The exception to this requirement is only by instructor approval. Virtual Enterprise is a very fast paced class. It requires students to be self-disciplined, able to work alone and in teams with little supervision and have very high work ethics. Students are considered employees and select employees will be required to present in Virtual Enterprise competitions.

Company Policies:

Attendance and Participation:

One of the most important workplace ethics is attendance. As a Virtual Enterprise employee you are expected to arrive at work on time, prepared to work, and to give 100% for the time you are at work. Tardies and unexcused absences are not tolerated in Virtual Enterprise.


Mutual respect for colleagues and consultants is expected.

Any other policies as set by the employees of this company including those related to attendance, missed work, etc.


Grades will be composed of

participation including attendance, participation in meetings, workshops, special events and personal development

VE personal portfolio and projects

assessments including unit and employee evaluations

Grades are based on points that are earned through assignments and participation. The grade scale is as follows:

90 – 100% = A

80 – 89% = B

70 – 79% = C

60 – 69% = D

0 – 59% = F

Parent Involvement:

Parents are always welcome in my classroom. Also, parents may be needed to chaperone during field trips.

Office Hours:

By appointment only